How much is a masonry heater?

Shipping and installation at your location are additional and will vary. Our custom-made freestanding soapstone heater, called the Cottage Heater, is a great choice for a smaller 1,000 to 1,200 square foot home, or for space heating in a larger home. This unit is completely handmade with refractory bricks and cast refractory components for the core and soapstone as the coating. Because we pre-cut the materials for the outside and inside of the heater in our workshop, the installation of this heater can be done in about three days.

The outlet can be at the rear or top, and the heater can be constructed with or without an upper chamber cooking oven. A masonry chimney can also be used for a masonry heater to store the heat of the fire. It absorbs heat from the exhaust and then returns it to the house, just like the main part of the masonry heater. Many masonry heater kits include additional ducts to direct airflow through the additional brick.

The heat from the exhaust is absorbed as more of it passes through the brick, for example, with a chimney running through a bench seat. Sometimes a zigzag chimney pattern is used to increase heat transfer.

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