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Iowa Masonry Heaters, Pizza Ovens, Wood Heat, Masonry Stoves, and Wood Fired Ovens
Iowa Masonry Heaters, Pizza Ovens, Wood Heat, Masonry Stoves, and Wood Fired Ovens

Welcome to Superior Stoneworks

Welcome to Superior Stoneworks, designer and builder of Masonry Heaters/Stoves, Wood Fired Ovens, Masonry Cookstoves and Outdoor Kitchens serving the Midwest and upper Midwestern regions.

Superior Stoneworks specializes in construction of masonry heat acclimating masses. We design and build Finnish contraflow masonry heaters/stoves, wood fired pizza ovens, masonry cookstoves, rocket mass heaters, rocket masonry heaters and direct and indirect passive solar heating masses. We also enjoy building outdoor masonry fireplaces, kitchens, patio's and barbeques, along with many types of decorative masonry, tile, and landscaping. Superior Stoneworks is dedicated to life long customer relationships. We will be there for your projects entirety, from design and construction, to following operation instructions and maintenance.

Superior Stoneworks mission is to create structures that will stand the test of time, respect the environment by using a natural renewable fuel, and to regain quality of life by taking the time to do things properly and to share them with others.

Superior Stoneworks is a professional Masonry Fireplace & Oven builder. We primarily serve the Midwest, and upper Midwestern regions. In addition to the areas listed our services are often available throughout the United States. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding masonry heaters, masonry stoves, finnish fireplaces, russian stoves, ecco stoves, pizza ovens, wood fired ovens, brick ovens, wood ovens, masonry cookstoves, wood stoves, outdoor kitchens and high efficient wood burning fireplaces. Our primary states served are as follows: North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and in our home state of Iowa.

Thank you for visiting our web site. Please browse around to find more information about our products and services. As always, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.